1. In the eye of Seth


  2. Fig & Cocoa fat free all natural spread.

    Available at Pastoral - Chicago, IL.


  3. City Soles in Chicago has some cool kicks! They have free domestic shipping as well. Check em out!


  4. Poster I designed for Lot No. 6’s art show in July, 2014.

    Lot No. 6 is an art bar located in the Pearl district of Tulsa.


  5. In Oklahoma this week visiting my family. Took this out north of my mom’s farm today. Gus is loving the road trip.


  6. Meet Nan Giordano.

    Artistic director of Giordano Dance Chicago since 1993.

    Read more about theist story in the latest edition of skirtChicago. Find a copy for free around Chicago today. Or read the issue at http://issuu.com/skirtchicago/docs/may14_chiissue.


  7. Well its been long overdue. But I have begun the renovating of my website. I have deleted all my photos and am posting new ones with a new spin. Will be putting some of the older goodies up there as well.

    Stay tuned…


  8. photojojo:

    Within 3 minutes of Shaun White botching his last run, Cameron Spencer’s photograph was already in the hands of every major publication worldwide.

    Gizmodo did an incredible report on how photography agencies at the Winter Olympics manage the frenzy of events. 

    How Photos From the Winter Olympics Get to You

    via Gizmodo


  9. Beautiful view tonight from my apartment window in Uptown, Chicago, IL, USA.


  10. Going though some old photos of Seth and me to print. This is my favorite that we did together.